Peru’s gastronomic wonder

Visitors are usually not only impressed
by the diversity of culture, landscape, flora and fauna, but also by Peru´s exquisite cuisine.

Peruvian cuisine owes its unique flavor to the mix of the ocean, the Andes and the influence of centuries of foreign influences. The cold Humboldt Current cools the sea and allows the growth of a wealth of fish and shellfish. Another essential ingredient to the mix are the 3000 different varieties of potatoes, corn and grain from the Peruvian highlands. Last but not least, the rich heritage of Spanish settlers, African slaves and Japanese immigrants gave birth to Criolla cuisine with its spicy meat dishes and fabulous desserts.

Peru´s flagship dish, combines raw fish (or shellfish) diced in 2cm cubes and marinated in lime juice, served with raw onions, sweet potato and corn.

Other musts are anticuchos (skewered beef hearts), rocoto relleno, stuffed peppers and spicy e lomo saltado (strips of beef fried with tomatoes, onions and fried potatoes) are a must for any traveler who wants to learn about Peru's culinary side.


One of the newest trends in Peruvian cuisine is the „Cocina novoandina“, or new Andean cuisine: a fusion between traditional Peruvian cuisine –going back as far as the Inca era, enriched with European influences.

Peru also offers a lot of interesting drinks. Sweet yellow Inca Kola is popular with young and old. Peru is one of the few countries where a local soft drink has a higher market share than its well-known American counterpart.

Peru's favourite cocktail, Pisco Sour, is a bright and intense mix of pisco, sugarcane syrup, egg white and lime juice.