Social project

INKALAND TOURS supports a small farming community in the Urubamba Valley, located far from the crowds of tourists. The bumpy road to the village takes you through one of the most magnificent landscapes of the Sacred Valley, passing by a breathtaking lagoon and magnificent mountain peaks.

Here, it seems like time has stood still. The way of life is deeply rooted way in tradition and history. Yet, there is a problem. Conditions have changed drastically in recent years in the highlands. It is no longer possible for farmers to obtain all of their products through barter with other communities. Today they need money, e.g. to allow the children to go to school or pay medical expenses in case of illness.
The proceeds of their crops and artifacts are no longer sufficient.

INKALAND TOURS supports the community with a social project, to make peoples’ lives easier and to help obtain a better future for their children.

For sustainability reasons, the name of the community will not be mentioned.